In a world enamored by gossip and the latest celebrity news, Beyond the Tea aims to provide a platform a lot more informative, a lot less eager and far less critical than the everyday blog.

Beyond the Tea hopes to set a vibe where the celebrity and the everyday person can meet at eye-level. We work to make the everyday person attain the confidence and success of a well-established individual while humanizing the celebrity in ways that make them more relatable.

We are here to teach and empower through celebrity stories, let them control their narratives and quite frankly spend more time on the talents and projects that brought out favs to prominence.

While the site focuses primarily on entertainment news, Beyond the Tea is a space where black stories WILL be told and black voices WILL be amplified. We’ll seek the advice of black experts, listen to black music and tell the stories that deeply impact our black culture with a positive and uplifting spin.