Sevyn Streeter On embracing her natural tresses: ” I’m enjoying this space”

After years of conforming to Eurocentric standards of beauty, Black women and other women of color are embracing their natural crowns, and it’s a beautiful thing to see. 

The decision to revert to health care comes at different times for different individuals. Some desire to grow their hair in the healthiest way possible; others are often inspired by someone else’s natural tresses. The latter was the case for Sevyn Streeter.

In her teenage years, it wasn’t uncommon for Black women to get perms as it helped to tame and control the natural tresses, but a realization that her band member’s hair was naturally growing out of her scalp prompted her to experiment with her own hair.

“I asked my group member at the time if she’d ever had a perm and she said ‘What’s a perm?’” The weather out here is so different, you don’t need a perm,” she recently told HelloBeautiful. “So it was the first time, and at the age of 15, that I got to see that the way that our hair grows out of our head — it is really fucking pretty and spectacular. You know what I mean? It’s really fucking fire.”

CREDIT: Easton Schirra

Amid her journey, Streeter says her hair grew “so fucking long,” but the level of excitement led to a few bad decisions that brought her back to square one. 

“My hair grew so fucking long, like, long. And then, of course, you know what happens sometimes when us Black girls, our hair gets to a certain length, we start playing in it and straightening it all the time. And then I fucked around and added Keratin to it,” she explained.

As a result of her experimentation, Sreeter’s “hair came out,” and she set out to retain the length and healthy hair she once had — a process she admits requires patience as well as an understanding that society “is not the most cooperative” in helping Black women to take care of themselves.

Despite the lack of support, the singer does admits that the world has come a long way as more products that cater to Black hair are available.

“Thank God Rihanna just came up with 50 million shades which sparked a trend in the industry,” Streeter said. “So now people are starting to be more comfortable, talking a little bit, but growing up we didn’t have that. I couldn’t go find extensions that are the same texture as my actual curl pattern.”

“All my life I’ve been putting together different concoctions trying to figure out what to put on my hair so that I could wear my hair in its natural state and actually have something that understands it,” she continued. “So now we have all these different things. We have extensions that look like [our hair], we have products that work for our girls with 3c, 4c…whatever cc.” 

Streeter’s road to  hair recovery, she noted, is a just part of a deeper self love journey where she embraces her natural glow.

“I’m enjoying this space, this type of thing… anytime you’re in your natural state and you feel good about that. I know for me, this has been a good space for me and it’s shown.”

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