Normani centers focus with quarantine self-care routine

When Normani was in Fifth Harmony, she often found herself at the short of the end stick when opportunities for the group arose. As the only Black member of the group, the “blatant” exclusion “took a toll” on her confidence and belief in herself. Eventually, the group parted ways and she embarked on her solo career, but the thoughts of social media trolls have manifested in perfectionism as works toward proving her worth and value in the game. 

“I’m an overachiever,” she told Women’s Health during her cover interview with the star. “If I put 99.9 percent into something, then that’s me selling myself short. But I think there’s levels to that, which I became more aware of last year.”

When she took the VMA stage last year, she was faced with technical difficulties that she “ended up dwelling on days after the performance.” Eventually, she realized the performance didn’t define her and decided to move on and focus on self-discovery, something she was able to really hone in on during the pandemic.

“I’ve been able to meditate more and take a time-out before allowing anybody else to affect my energy,” she says of her revamped self-care rituals. “Before I talk to anybody, before I look at a text, before I go on Instagram, I center myself in my room and pray and do breathing exercises and create my own space so that I have a foundation to walk on throughout the rest of the day.”

Normani has been doing yoga which allows her to be more in tune with my body to breathe, which she thinks was “desperately needed” as she’s always dwelling on something that could’ve been better.” She recently started word affirmations and has physical sessions and a healthy diet that also helps center her focus.

“I did not know I needed this time as much as I did because I was going, going, going,” she adds. “But now, I’m able to be more intentional and give things the proper focus they deserve.”

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