Janelle Monae wants people to be loved “for who they are”

It’s no secret that celebrities are under public scrutiny more than the average. As a result of their public status, they find themselves subjected to social media trolls, harsh backlash and invasion of privacy, but Janelle Monae is arguing against the norm.

Despite embracing her sexuality, the singer has remained mum regarding details of her relationship and other personal matters. During an interview with Out, she expressed that celebrities should do and tell what they please, without pressures from society to reveal anything.

“There are certain things that I feel artists, human beings should not feel pressured to talk about.”  One of those things, she notes, is sexuality.

“[Something] I identify with more than ever is the concept of coming in — and people coming into your life — and not coming out,” said Monae, who came out as queer in 2018. “I think there’s so much pressure put on people that can’t afford to announce to the world that, ‘I am queer’ or ‘I’m gay.’”

While she understands she’s a “beacon of hope” to members of the LGBTQ community, she wants them to come out on their own terms.  Ultimately, her wish is that privacy is respected, and people feel free enough to own and talk about their sexuality “not out of fear, but out of love and celebration for who they are.”’

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