Cardi B admits she’s her own competition

In many ways Cardi B appears to be far-removed from the reckless, stripper who entered our world with her candid, brash take on taboo topics. For starters, she’s a Grammy-award winning artist accustomed to being at the top of Billboard charts. She’s a mother to 2-year old Kulture Kiari who she shares with husband Offset, and she’s under the scrutiny and pressure of the media and followers who attempt to tear her up for being human. Accordingly, she’s dialed back in her responses to trolls and isn’t nearly as outspoken as she once was. If one thing still stands true, however, she’s all about making moves….even to her detriment.

The rapper is gearing up for the release of her Reebok collaboration which comes out on Friday (Nov. 13). During an interview with Footwear News about the forthcoming drop, she admitted she’s often preoccupied with thoughts of her next move if not the ways she’s going to top her last move. She shares:

“I can go to sleep with the No. 1 record, but I’m going to sleep and thinking, ‘I need my other album to go No. 1.’ My sneaker sold out so fast; I need my next sneaker to sell out. I always wonder if I’m going to be satisfied.”

“I’m very hard on myself,” she said. “I’m hard on my entire team. We don’t focus on nobody else, we are just focusing on our last — the last music video, the last collaboration, we always compare it to our last best. We want to do better and better. When I do something positive and when I see my things selling out or my record doing pretty good, I get this crazy rush of happiness, but then it’s this rush of overwhelmingness that makes me want more [and] want more.”

Cardi’s hustler spirit is common in breadwinners for those ensuring financial security and trying not to resort back to an old lifetime of struggle. Her success comes from the fact that she’s her own competition, but also the fact that she’s working to do things her way and live for herself, not living other people — something we’ve all fallen victim to.

“It’s for me. It’s for my kid as well, but it’s for me. It’s something I can stand on. Like, I did this, I did that. I always say I love making money and it’s for the money, but it’s just not even about the money anymore,” she said. “The money is always going to come. It’s about the high you feel when you accomplish something. People will try to rob that from you, bring up your past or your flaws, but it’s like, I don’t care because you can’t take away what I did. And I know my daughter is going to be like, ‘My mommy did this though. Yeah, what your mom did?’”

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