Beyoncé Reminds Us That It’s Okay To Unplug And Recharge

2020 has been a year of uncertainty and confusion. With the untimely deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement amid the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, many were forced to face ourselves in the mirror, reevaluate our priorities, and indulge in the activities that bring us joy and help to maintain our sanity.

For Beyonce, that amusement comes from spending time with her loved ones, which she plans on doing as she eases up on making music. 

“It would be difficult to experience life in a pandemic and the current social unrest and not be changed,”she revealed during her cover interview for Vogue UK. “I have learnt that my voice is clearer when I am still. I truly cherish this time with my family, and my new goal is to slow down and shed stressful things from my life.”

Credit: Kennedi Carter

While Beyoncé’s music may make the majority of our stress-relieving soundtrack, the quality, the details, the subtle messages in the projects require a certain discipline, and a level of sacrifice from her that we might not always consider.

Black is King, for example, was filmed in three continents and was completed over the course of a year. Similarly, Beyoncé planned Beychella in a year, while on an extreme vegan diet to help her lose weight after the birth of the twins.

And if we go back a bit further, she reportedly lost tons of weight for her role in Dreamgirls, and has been making these kinds of sacrifices since she emerged on the scene as a member of Destiny’s Child.

Credit: Kennedi Carter

“I came into the music industry at 15 years old and grew up with the world watching, and I have put out projects non-stop,” she told Vogue.

“I released Lemonade during the Formation World Tour, gave birth to twins, performed at Coachella, directed Homecoming, went on another world tour with Jay, then Black Is King, all back to back. It’s been heavy and hectic. I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on building my legacy and representing my culture the best way I know how. Now, I’ve decided to give myself permission to focus on my joy.”

Bey’s decision to dial back from work is a reminder that we — celebrities and everyday people — should allow ourselves time to take breaks, feed our bodies with things that benefit our mental and emotional well being and simply recharge. After all, there’s a lot more that can be produced, quantity and quality wise, when we’re at 100%.

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